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What Is FCC Chicago’s Urban Plunge?


Chicago Urban Plunge is an urban mission experience designed for students and adults, high school age and older (Jr. High students may be included in trips with a wider student age-range). Through this experience, they will be introduced to an opportunity to serve a church within a multiracial urban community. The experience will include projects to serve the community, share Christ with the church’s neighbors, and assist the church community in connecting with our neighbors. Trips can be planned for Spring/Fall Break terms (which are highly adaptable), or planned for the summer (to coordinate with our summer outreach programming). The Ministry Staff of FCC will take the lead in planning your mission experience with input from the group leaders, and have some interaction with the group. However, Chicago Urban Plunge is not a “full-service” mission trip. The Urban Plunge mission group will be responsible for meals, and spiritual formation programming for the team while they are here

(helps can be suggested for those who desire).

Why Take The Plunge?


People – The Bible begins in the garden, but ends in the city. God loves people. The city is all about God’s people, either needing or proclaiming His message of love through Jesus Christ. 

People of the World – There is not a more ethnically diverse area in the Midwest than Chicago. The opportunity to touch people who could in turn touch the world is unmatched. 

Opportunities – How do you see the needs of approximately eight million people that live in the greater Chicagoland area? The apostle Paul calls such opportunities in the city of Ephesus a “great door of effective work” that was opened up for him. 

Exposure – See firsthand the many unique ministry opportunities in Chicago. As you participate in these ministries it will open your eyes to the opportunities for ministry in your own hometown. 

Impact – The Urban Plunge is designed to move your group to consider a life involved with urban missions. Watch God touch their lives through the experiences of each day and throughout the week.  


A GLIMPSE AT A TYPICAL WEEK: Summer Urban Plunge Schedule Template


This template is the typical format for a summer Urban Plunge mission experience. This schedule is recommended because it is consistent with the schedule plan for our largest trip scheduler, Leader-treks, and allows us to plan for a consistent schedule for the summer months. That also allows us to communicate a consistent schedule to the community.


Saturday PM

Sunday 10 AM-Noon

Worship Celebration

Experience a multi-ethnic church at work and worship as you participate in Worship Celebration with the FCC Chicago family.

Monday 9 AM-4 PM;

Tuesday-Thursday 9 AM-2 PM

Helping Hands 4 Homes projects

The group will provide assistance to the community by helping with home and yard maintenance projects for members of the community. One half of the funds contributed to FCC for the trip are available for these projects. Lunch breaks will be at the project site.

Monday 6-7 PM

Prayer Walk

The group will split into groups of 3 or 4 and conduct a prayer walk in the neighborhood. Distribution of materials may also be entailed.

Tuesday-Thursday afternoons


Time will be set aside for the group to make preparations for the evening program during the afternoon.

Tuesday 5:30-7:30 PM

Tuesday Outreach

The group will provide a smorgasbord of activities for community students, such as basketball, soccer, dance instruction, music, crafts, etc. This program for the evening can be planned according to the abilities of the group, and by a schedule and design that they determine. FCC has athletic equipment and craft items for use. Other projects would be at the expense of the group. The evening will be supported by the presence of FCC members.

Wednesday 5:30-7:30 PM

VBS In The Park  

The group will host a Bible School program at the local park. The program will connect with the Sunday message at FCC. The group plan and conducts all aspects of the Bible School program. Program will be at group expense. Members of FCC will support the program with their presence.

Thursday 5:30-7:30 PM

Picnic On The Grounds

The group will prepare and serve a simple picnic meal (hot dogs/hamburgers and chips, etc.) for the community. The FCC congregation will fund the picnic, unless the group chooses to contribute to the cost. Accompanying the picnic the group will provide an assortment of activities and/or carnival games for the students to play. Some entertainment is usually an element of the program, so if the group has a band they could offer to perform. Members of FCC will support the program with their presence.

Free Day



Saturday  AM



To help you get the most out of your mission trip, the following facilities

are available for your use:

  • 35 innerspring mattresses (girls and guys dorms will be set up in classrooms);    

  • group meeting/worship rooms equipped as a multi-media lounge;    

  • a gym for volleyball or basketball;    

  • a full service kitchen for cooking and eating meals;    

  • men’s and women’s bathrooms with showers.

More information, guidelines, and a housing form will be sent upon request.

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