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Where Can I Serve?


Paul reminded the Roman and Corinthian believers that they were part of the body of Christ. As part of the body they had a function to fulfill that if left unattended would negatively effect the entire body. At First Christian Church of Chicago we believe that the full functioning of the church body is essential to church health. Everyone, whether they be a child in the preschool department or an retired senior, has something valuable to contribute to the life of the body. First Christian Church of Chicago members are involved in a variety of ministries from things as simple as washing the church windows, to teaching the Sunday worship messages. Browse the following pages to see how you could be involved in ministry to the rest of the FCC family.

Where Can I Serve?
Worship Ministries

Worship Ministries


These are the ministry teams at First Christian Church of Chicago that serve to help people connect with God and express their devotion to Him:

Image by David Weber

Communion Preparation Team – Leader: Althea Anderson

Prepare trays for communion to be served during our Worship Celebrations and others special services.

Communion/Offering Meditation Team

Leader: Jerrold Brock

Speak in front of the congregation focusing on themes that prepare people to participate in the communion and offering services.

Men and women prepare and present Bible-based messages during our Sunday Worship Celebration.

Livestream/AV Team - Leader: Steven Chapman

This team is responsible for the execution of the weekly livestream presentation. They run the video camera, and presentation software to produce a pleasant viewing experience.

Audio Team – Leader: Steve Chapman

Personnel on this team will work with the Worship Leading Team and others leading worship to create a quality auditory presentation of worship for the enjoyment of those present in-person and those on the livestream.

Image by Ryan Loughlin

Ushers/Servers – Leader: Ken Bickham

These individuals assist with serving communion and collecting the offering during our Worship Celebrations.

Sunday Reception Team Leader: Steven Chapman

These are individuals whose ministry is to greet and welcome people at the door as they arrive for our Worship Celebration on Sunday mornings.

Baptism Team – Leader: Dorothy Collins

Assist with preparation for baptisms that take place during Worship Celebration and other occasions.

Worship Beautification – Leader: Sharon Whitehead

Men and women dress up the Worship Center and other common areas seasonally in an inviting manner.

Worship Teaching Team – Leader: Steven Chapman

Men and women prepare and present the Sunday AM teaching message under the guidance and direction of the Senior Minister.

Discipleship Ministries

Discipleship Ministries


Here is a list of teams that are part of First Christian Church of Chicago’s process to help people grow together in living out their faith:


Hospitality – Team Leader: Pamela Marcus, Althea Anderson and Clarissa Myers

Meet and greet guests and members, as host for a time of hospitality with refreshments following Worship Celebration.

Connection Leaders – Team Leader: Steven Chapman

Help people grow in their faith by leading a Connection Group. Sunday Connection Groups help people to discuss and apply that Sunday’s Bible teaching, while midweek Connection Groups might form around a select theme or group, such as young marrieds or “single again” adults. All groups serve as an environment for people to share the stories of their spiritual walk together, and pray, encourage and support each other in it.

Resources are available for those interested in leading groups.

Student Teaching Team – Team Leader: Gincy Hartin

Help students in grades Pre-K through 12 engage in faith-building activities, lessons, and discussions by leading one of the Connection Groups for students.

Fellowship Events – Team Leaders: Leadership Needed

Help members get connected further by planning and providing support service for all-church fellowship events

Men’s Ministry – Team Leaders: Geoff Shive

Help men connect and grow into Christlike followers through periodic events.

Shepherding/Congregational Care 

Team Leader: Elders/Undershepherds

Provide comfort and encouragement to FCC family members who are battling with illness, discouragement or grief by making visits in the hospital or at their homes


Bereavement Ministry – Team Leader: Leader Needed

Help family members of deceased coordinate memorial services and/or repast arrangements which will be held at FCC.

American Heritage Girls – Team Leader: Dionna Bickham

Help girls develop character as they build new friendships, experience new challenges, serve others and have tons of fun

in a safe, faith-filled environment.

Communication – Team Leader: Dionna Bickham

Help facilitate good communication between the church, its members and the community through a variety of means, including publications, website, signage, etc.

Service Ministries

Service Ministries


Here is a list of the teams that provide needed service for various needs within First Christian Church of Chicago and to its families:  

Ministry Placement – Team Leader: Steven Chapman

Teach and consult with those who are looking for the ministry that is a perfect fit for their divine design.

Building & Grounds 
Team Leader: Richard Bussian/Jerrold Brock

Are your talented in craftsmanship or maintenance skills? Help with the on-going maintenance of the FCC structure and grounds, or consider helping with some basic housekeeping tasks. Needs vary from simple tasks like kitchen/refrigerator clean-up to electrical and plumbing work.


Kitchen Housekeeping – Team Leaders: Leadership Needed

Work behind the scenes to keep our kitchens sanitary, aesthetically pleasant, and ready for the many other ministries that rely on cleanliness and order of the facilities.

Flower Power – Team Leader: Leadership Needed

Those with a green thumb, or those who love to work outdoors, can help maintain the beauty of the gardens and flower beds around the FCC campus.

Treasurer – Team Leader: Ginny Priestman

People with knowledge of finance can provided help with various aspects in the Treasurer’s office, from counting Sunday offerings to helping with book work.

Image by Austin Distel
Outreach Ministries

Outreach Ministries


Here is a list of teams that seek to expand God and First Christian Church of Chicago’s influence within the Ashburn neighborhood by shining the light of God’s love, so that others can come to know God.

Guest Relations/Follow-up – Team Leader: Steven Chapman

Help guests get connected with FCC Chicago by being part of the team that makes further connection through gift bag delivery, follow-up phone calls, and door step visits.

Swap & Share – Team Leader: Dionna Bickham

Help people in the church and neighborhood learn the joy of sharing through this free exchange of household goods, toys, clothing, etc.

Helping Hands 4 Homes – Team Leaders: Steven Chapman

Serve people in Ashburn who are in need of home repair assistance by getting the job done. Mission teams and volunteer teams provide hands for the projects, and when necessary assist with the purchase of materials.  

Helping Hands 4 Homes is not available in 2022.

Summer Community Cookout

Team Leaders: Gincy Hartin & Steven Chapman

Help plan and conduct, with the help and support of summer mission teams, our weekly community cookout. Plan for activities and entertainment. Help during the evening by greeting guests and building bridges. 


Outreach Events – Team Leader: Steven Chapman

Help in the planning and coordination of seminars, events, concerts, etc. that will attract guests to FCC.

Faith Promise Mission – Team Leaders: Ginny Priestman, Elizabeth Chapman, and Steven Chapman

Serve as our congregations living link to our national and international mission partners. Help FCC reach out beyond “our Jerusalem” by being part of the team that plans the annual Faith Promise Mission campaign, keeps in touch with our mission partners, and lets the congregation know how we can best serve these partners.

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