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Just Trust Me

"Just trust me." Have you been told that? How did it turn out?

Trust is a valuable resource. It is costly when invested in someone who breaks trust or takes advantage of trust granted. There are few greater betrayals. We've all probably felt the heartbreak of putting our trust in those who have abused our trust.

Placing trust in Isaiah 2:22 is more than just a perfunctory action. It is a thing of hopes. It is the dream of justice and salvation.

It is common during election seasons to have politicians frame their message as if they are our savior. The campaign opponent is the devil. Only they can save us from economic disaster, military conquest, moral decay. How often has our trust in a politician or political party been frustrated?

People will never live up to the trust we may place in them. Even those closest to us will prove untrustworthy at times.

However, within the context of Isaiah 2, we aren't necessarily to look at our misplaced trust in other humans. We are confronted with our misplaced trust in ourselves, our own accomplishments. We will even be frustrated when we trust in ourselves.

Where can we turn? God is the only one who is faithful consistently to all of his promises. He won't let us down. He doesn't abuse our trust.

 Who do you put your trust in?

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