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Oh, How Rude

To quote a classic character line for TV, "Oh, how rude!" Can you picture the Olson twins?

That is one of my original thoughts upon reading Isaiah 1:21-25. God comes across as extremely insulting.

You've become a whore (or somewhat more politely, a prostitute). Someone recently shared "those are fighting words.

Then he continues by expressing with two metaphors that you are contaminated and adulterated. What was pure has become polluted. What was undiluted has become watered down.

That is still a problem today as people attempt to live out a partial devotion to God while splitting their allegiance with so many other options. The Mighty One of Israel is not one to accept the affections of his loved one being shared with another.

God will allow painful consequences for our disobedience and unfaithfulness to wash over us. It is through these wounds that we may once again awaken to the reality that YHWH is the only one who can bring us healing and redemption.

This is not a picture of God sadistically bringing suffering. It is the picture of a heartbroken, loving, covenant God allowing our sinful disobedience to run its course in hope that through the fire a remnant will be redeemed.

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