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Statements From Steve - Mar. 2020

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Let me share the greatest threat to Christianity during this pandemic.

You’ve heard it suggested the greatest threat is an oppressive government

that restricts access to corporate worship. It is concerning in cases when the

church is treated in a manner decidedly stricter than bars, and casinos. But

the restrictions that have caused a disruption of church events is far from the

greatest threat to Christianity during this pandemic.

Others will offer that the greatest threat to Christianity is an assortment of

“–isms” we are told that oppose church; socialism, liberalism, elitism, etc., or

from another angle, nationalism, racism, materialism, sexism. While these

issues provide difficult talking points with which the church may wade to find

Biblical balance, no “–ism” will prevail against the church.

Perhaps the biggest threat to the church during this time of pandemic is the

greatest threat to the church when we are not facing a pandemic. Yet, in a

way, the pandemic has made the threat more acute. The greatest threat to

the church now, and every day, whether pandemic or not, is that we settle

into a type of Christianity that accepts Jesus as Savior, but does not ask that

we embrace him as Lord.

With churches going to Livestream worship, even the most basic demand of

typical Christianity, getting up and physically gathering as the church, has

been eased. As churches begin reassembling, am I tempted to stay at home

because I have become comfortable worshiping in my space? Or have you

even stopped attending virtually because it is so easy to find other things to

do on a Sunday morning, like sleep in (you can always watch the recording).

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying, “Get back to church.” Some people

have legitimate reasons for delaying their return. I’m inviting you to test your

devotion to obedient following after Christ beginning with basic actions.

If you are struggling with Lordship at the level of gathering, how are you

doing at embracing Jesus as Lord when it comes to making tough moral

decisions, making time to demonstrate serving others in his love and grace,

or opening your mouth to address issues of unrighteousness and injustice?

Jesus wants to be your Savior. However, Jesus can’t truly be your Savior if

you are not, also, embracing him as Lord.


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