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You Ain't Nothing But a ...

I loved the old Elvis Pressley song, "You ain't nothing but a hound dog." It always intrigued me that the song was simply an insult. Imagine being told that you reminded someone of a howling hound dog. I don't know of may people that would consider that complimentary.

Now, imagine God telling you that you are dumber than a common farm animal. That is what he does here with Judah in Isaiah 1:2-3. "An ox knows who cares for it. A donkey knows where it is fed. You can't even figure out how much I have loved and cared for you." Pretty harsh words!

But can't we be guilty of the same thing. Don't we make the claims that we "brought home the bacon", or "made a living"? Is that because we can be just as guilty of overlooking God’s provision in our lives? Is our trust in ourselves?

Rather than seeing YHWH as the Sovereign King who loves and cares for his subjects, he can too easily become a spiritual add-on that can be uninstalled whenever trusting him becomes too much of a challenge.


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