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Communication Insights

Communication is key, or perhaps more accurately communication is critical! Businesses can collapse, marriages fail, friendship are terminated because of communication issues. Churches can also suffer from the same issue.

The Elders, understanding that getting the word out on ministry vision and programming, is an area that is vital to a thriving ministry, are taking an extra effort to attempt to adequately communicate ministry plans, visions and decisions to the congregation more frequently and more thoroughly. Twice a month one of the Elders will share something about the ministry vision the Elders have for the church. In addition, we will be using the website, mobile app, email, bulletin, newsletter, and phone calls to keep you informed on where we are going as a congregation, and how we need your help in getting there.

But here is how we need your help on this item: Avail yourself of the information that we are trying to put in your hands. Communication only occurs when we have a sender and a receiver. Here are some ways you can improve your receiving:

  1. Read the weekly bulletin, especially the announcement section weekly, so that you know what is going on;

  2. Read the Messenger monthly, especially the articles that are casting vision for where we are going;

  3. Use your First Christian Chicago app to stay informed about breaking news;

  4. Check your email on a regular basis (at least weekly) to see if we have shared some important news with you.

  5. Visit the website occasionally to get a big picture of how ministry at FCC is put together.


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