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How Does The Story End?

Have you read any of the books that have situation options? As you read, you are called to make a decision about how the story will progress. If you choose one response then you are to turn to page 25. If you choose the other, turn to page 40. On the story goes, leaving you to wonder how would the story have progressed if I had made a different decision earlier on.

Each of us are writing a story. It is an autobiography. But more importantly it is the story of our spiritual journey.

Some theological schools popularize the notion that redemption is completely left in the hands of God. God will save or condemn us no matter what we choose. It is all up to him. Isaiah 1:18-20 challenges that notion.

As God completes laying out the charges against Judah, and expresses that they have an opportunity to be exonerated, you would expect YHWH to impose sentencing for Judah's unfaithfulness. However, that is not quite what happens.

The court proceedings are brought to an open ended resolution. God ultimately says the sentencing is up to you. He calls them back to the covenant where faithfulness will result in blessing, but disobedience will result in judgment and discipline.

God doesn't sit in heaven with his mind made up on you. He waits for us to complete the story. "Will you trust me, and live faithfully in covenant? Or will you continue in unfaithful disobedience?"

How will the story end?


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