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I'm Full

There are those times when I have eaten to contentment, and I can say with comfort: "I'm full." I'm satisfied.

There are other times when I should have stopped eating earlier than I did, and I utter a less contented "I'm full."

I think the temptation to read the beginning of the repeated refrain in Isaiah 2: "The land was full ..." as just meaning there were a lot misses a much deeper nuance intended by Isaiah. Yes, there were a lot, but there is so much more here.

The term "full" carries a nuance of "satisfied". What we can hear whispered in these verses is that Judah was satisfied in their religious activity, their prosperity, their military might, and their own accomplishments.

What is wrong with being satisfied? Well, nothing exactly. However, when that satisfaction leads us to rely on ourselves rather than God, now we have a problem.

That is the idea that is present in 2:8. They crafted their own gods. They worship their own accomplishments. They have convinced themselves they don't need YHWH anymore because they have their own god they can manipulate.

What is Judah full of? They are full of themselves. Pride is their spiritual danger.

In what do you find a dangerous level of pride and self-satisfaction that could lead you to trust in yourself?


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