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It’s Not The End Of The World


Many are the heralds who trumpet that election 2016 will result in the end of America as we know it. We have let our anxiety overwhelm us with despair. Hope has been lost in a pool of uncertainty and fear.

Undoubtedly, many changes will result from this election. However, if we are believers, it is hardly the end of world. Our hope does not rest in such transient things as elections or even nations.

Here is a sampling of things that will remain unchanged as the results of the election roll in:

1) God’s word is still true and his authoritative revelation;

2) God will still reign sovereign on his throne;

3) Mankind will still be subject to sin and powerless to resolve the problem;

4) Jesus is still God’s Son, the conquering Redeemer, Savior of mankind;

5) Mankind still will only be redeemed through faith in the saving work of Jesus;

6) The resurrection of Christ still empowers God’s children to live new lives freed from bondage to sin;

7) The church is still called to exhibit the grace and love of Christ with one another before the world

8) The mission of the church to share the gospel with a lost world will be unchanged;

9) Christians will remain aliens and strangers in this world because this is not our home;

10) The world will still not embrace believers as their own because the people of this world hated Christ first;

11) Jesus is still going to return to bring his people home to be with him forever;

12) Those who make the choice to be alienated from God in this life will remain alienated for eternity.

Looking at this list, I’m not so sure much of significance will really change come Wednesday. Perhaps the emanate changes will drive us to reliance on what is lasting and what really matters.

What is sure about our faith produces hope. And hope overcomes our fear.

— Pastor Steve


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