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The Power Of God's Word

Don't neglect the power of God's word to draw people to him.

We are seeing a swell of people who confess a love for God, but possess a kind of disdain for God’s word. They frame the Bible as an outdated book that needs to be reread through the lens of different cultural values. When we approach Scripture that way we aren't listening to God's instruction. We are just listening to ourselves say what we want to hear.

However, there are those who hold so tightly to their particular interpretation of the Scriptures that God himself couldn't convince them it doesn't mean what they insist it means. They baptize their opinion, and condemn anyone who doesn't believe exactly the same.

Perhaps the problem isn't God's word in Scripture. It is ourselves. We either hold it so loosely that it ends up not meaning a thing, or so strictly that it becomes our God.

Notice the instructions (torah) they seek brings life change. It ushers in transformation. And when the lives of those who listen to it change, it draws others who want to experience what God’s word did in us. God's word has real power.

Are you living out God's word in a way that attracts others to the God who spoke it? Sadly, our world is seeing too much reflections of a god that they don't care to know.


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